Where To Sell A Tacori Engagement Ring? (Earn Top Dollar)

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If you’re looking for a place to sell a Tacori engagement ring, your best bet is an online jewelry buying service like Gemesti. You’ll get a genuine market price for your ring, as well as fast and secure service. When you’re selling top-quality Tacori jewelry, it pays to go straight to the pros and earn top dollar. Expert buyers like Gemesti understand the true value of one of America’s top jewelry brands!

We’ll take a look at why used Tacori jewelry has a high resale value and where to sell a Tacori engagement ring online. Tacori isn’t just one of our most exciting jewelry brands, the company and it’s immigrant founders are an American Dream success story. Read on to learn more about Tacori Jewelry and how to get a competitive market price for your old engagement ring. 

The Story of Tacori Jewelry

Tacori was founded by Haig Tacorian and his wife Gilda, both of Armenian Romanian heritage. They left the economic stagnation and restrictions of communist Romania and emigrated to the US. The family had a background in the jewelry business and established a new jewelry business in Los Angeles. The LA business prospered and Gilda and Haig went on to found their own business Tacori in the Downtown LA Jewelry District.

Tacori originally focussed on selling pearls but evolved into one of America’s most iconic bridal jewelry designers. Tacori is famous for its distinctive heart-shaped crescent silhouette and is now one of the country’s top five jewelry brands. Tacori has a reputation for style, elegance and a special ability to reinvent traditional designs in modern styles.

Why is Tacori Jewelry Easy to Resell?

Some jewelry brands have a reputation for quality. Even basic engagement rings in the $1,000 to $2,000 price range are a step above rival brands. Unless you were a professional jeweler, you’d probably think they were worth considerably more. A Tacori ring that retails at $25,000 or above is fit for a princess. People know straight away that if they own a Tacori engagement ring, they have a superbly designed item of personal jewelry. 

Tacori is stylish and tasteful enough to wear in literally any social situation and with any outfit. It’s also guaranteed to attract attention – and a certain amount of envy. Pretty much every woman is happy to wear a Tacori ring. Buyers will snap up a secondhand Tacori if they sense a bargain. There is a year-round market for used Tacori jewelry and plenty of willing buyers.

Where To Sell A Tacori Engagement Ring?

It’s not always easy to decide where to sell a Tacori engagement ring. You don’t want to take a designer ring to your local pawnbroker, nor do you want to go to the mall and bargain with your local jeweler. The challenge is to connect to a serious buyer, who’ll pay cash and won’t waste your time. You also need to protect your personal security whenever you sell a high-value item like jewelry. 

What are your options?

  1. Sell to a pawn store
  2. Sell to a retail jeweler
  3. Sell on eBay or Craigslist
  4. Sell online to a professional buyer

Key Information for Sellers

When you sell any diamond engagement ring back to a jeweler, expect to be paid 25% – 40% less than you originally bought it for. Your old receipt price may include taxes, shipping and other charges. If definitely factors in the jeweler’s markup from the supplier’s price. Any jeweler will look to undercut the price of a new ring that comes direct from a regular supplier. If he doesn’t sell a supplier’s ring, he can return it. If he doesn’t sell your ring, he’s stuck with it. This is entirely fair, and you’ll have to absorb the loss if you want to sell your ring to a jewelry store. 

Sell your Tacori Engagement Ring to a Pawn Store

If you try to sell a Tacori engagement ring to a pawn store, you’ll be offered a low price. If the pawnbroker thinks he can get away with it, his starting offer might be as low as one third of its actual resale value. There are some Pawn stores that specialise in luxury goods, but most do not. They are happy to buy jewelry but are used to dealing with brands like Pandora and lower value diamond engagement rings. Pawnbroker clients are usually resigned to receiving cents in the dollar for personal jewelry. Unless you have personal contacts in the pawnbroking business, or know of a store that caters to high value sellers, it’s better to always avoid pawn stores.

Sell your Tacori Engagement Ring to a Jeweler

Your local jeweler may be happy to buy a used Tacori engagement ring, but will drive a hard bargain. At the end of the day, he’s already got a store full of unsold merchandise and a direct line to various suppliers. A jeweler can negotiate sale or return deals with jewelry suppliers or with the brands themselves. He has no reason to take a chance on your second hand ring – which may also need a professional clean and polish – unless he’s buying at a significant discount. In a small town, prices are unlikely to vary between different jewelry stores. 

Sell your Tacori Engagement Ring on eBay or Craigslist

Selling independently on eBay or Craigslist can be a time-consuming process. You need to get the ring cleaned and polished to a display case standard, and then arrange for professional-level photography. Tacori is one of America’s best known jewelry brands and you’re likely to get a lot of chancers and time wasters trying to bargain and lever your price down. If you sell on Craigslist you’ll face some major issues with personal security. Do you really want all the headaches of meeting with a complete stranger to sell a $10,000 diamond ring? 

Sell your Tacori Engagement Ring to a Professional Buyer

The best way to sell a branded engagement ring is to visit a site like www.gemesti.com. When you sell online, you’re dealing with professionals and won’t have to bargain to get a fair offer. Online buyers have built business models that focus exclusively on buying. They are able to provide a fast and effective service. Companies like Gemesti know that they’re long term viability depends on having satisfied clients who leave positive reviews and recommend the service to friends and colleagues. They’re scrupulous about delivering the best possible user experience and the highest possible prices. 

Sell your Tacori Engagement Ring Online at Gemesti

If you want to know where to sell a Tacori engagement ring – and earn top dollar – Gemesti is ideal. It’s a family business whose founders have three generations of experience in the diamond trade. They understand the problems that people face getting not just a fair price for a diamond ring, but a courteous, professional service as well. Gemesti was set up to provide the kind of service that buyers expect; fast, convenient, secure and respectful of clients. The business model is also built on giving clients the best price that the second-hand jewelry market will support. 

How Do I Sell an Engagement Ring Online?

Get paid in as little as 48 Hours

It only takes a minute to get started if you want to sell a Tacori engagement ring online at Gemesti. Start by completing a simple online form and giving a basic description of your ring. The form uses a flow chart to help you identify the style and cut of the diamond center stone. If you want to, you can also upload any certificates or digital photos of your ring. The whole process is simple enough to complete in 5 minutes using your cell phone. As soon as you submit the completed form, you have already begun the sales process. 

Your Gemesti client services manager will call you back with a provisional offer (based on the info you provided in the form). If you like the price, you’ll be entitled to free overnight FedEx shipping for your ring. Don’t worry if you have an expensive ring, your shipment is automatically insured up to a value of $100,000. Your ring will arrive at the EGL US laboratory in the morning. The lab staff will open the package on camera and ensure that the ring arrived undamaged. An EGL gemologist will appraise the ring and advise Gemesti of it’s real market value. 

Your client services manager will get back to you the same day with a formal offer. If you’re happy with the price (and over 90% of clients are) your money will be transferred to your account that day. If you decide not to sell your ring, it will be returned to you free of charge. Gemesti covers the entire continental United States. Wherever you’re located you’ll be offered a price that reflects the national market, not the price of second hand jewelry in your local market. 

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