Where Can I Sell Branded Jewelry?

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There are many buyers who are keen to snap up branded jewelry, but your best bet is to sell it online to a professional company like Gemesti. Retail jewelers and pawn stores know that they can easily resell used branded jewelry, and private buyers love to find bargains, especially in the run up to Christmas. If you’re looking for a safe and convenient sale – and a high price – you need to sell online and cut out all the middlemen. 

Branded jewelry isn’t necessarily better quality than other items of jewelry, particularly custom – designed and handmade personal jewelry. The difference is that the brand name itself is a desirable status symbol. People who aren’t jewelry experts (that’s pretty much everyone who buys a diamond engagement ring) also make assumptions about quality on the basis of a brand name like Cartier, Tiffany or Harry Winston. Big names build trust.

When you decide to sell branded jewelry, you can usually find a willing buyer. The challenge is to find a buyer who will give you a fair market price. The actual experience of trying to sell branded jewelry can also be extremely negative. Until they’ve actually tried visiting half a dozen jewelry stores and bargaining with store owners, most people have no idea how tough the business really is. Buyers get the red carpet treatment – sellers don’t!

How much can I sell branded jewelry for?

Depending who you approach, you can usually sell branded jewelry for between 30-60% of it’s retail value. Some buyers (like pawnbrokers) will try offering you 20% of the original store price. If you have a particularly desirable item of branded jewelry, a private buyer might offer you closer to 80%. Unless you get lucky, you’ll need to be patient and allow a lot of time for a private sale. Be prepared to keep relisting your jewelry when you sell online, and get ready to filter out the time wasters, outrageous bargain hunters, and blatant scam artists. 

As a rule of thumb branded diamond engagement and wedding rings sell well all year round. If you’re selling privately you may notice a peak in interest in the month before Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and before the holiday season. Jewelers will buy used branded diamond engagement rings and wedding bands all year round. There is also a steady market for items like diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets, pendants, charms, and even diamond earrings. 

What are the Top 10 designer jewelry brands in 2022?

The Top 10 most popular brands of designer jewelry in the United States are fairly constant on a long term basis. Some brands will see a surge in popularity following a successful advertising campaign or a celebrity endorsement. The rankings shift year by year, but the market is fairly predictable. If you want to sell your used branded jewelry, these designer brands usually go like hot cakes:

  1. David Yurman 
  2. Tiffany & Co
  3. Cartier
  4. Bulgari
  5. Harry Winston
  6. Graff
  7. Van Cleef & Arpels
  8. Chopard
  9. Boucheron
  10. Buccellati

Don’t worry if you have an item of branded jewelry that isn’t one of the Top 10 designer jewelry brands. The second hand jewelry world is a big place. Professional buyers like Gemesti have access to international markets and have the professional expertise and resources to make a market price offer for any designer brand. Your offer will be based on three things only:

  1. The quality and market price of the actual diamonds
  2. The kt grade, weight, and current market value of any precious metals
  3. Any additional value that accrues from the brand name e.g. prestige and rarity

How to sell vintage branded jewelry

Some vintage pieces, or jewelry that was previously owned by celebrities, can appreciate in value. If you have an item like that, you need to get a couple of specialist appraisals and explore the possibility of selling it at auction.

 When Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection was sold at Christie’s New York auction house in 2011, it went for an astonishing $115,932,000. Branded items in the collection included a famous Bulgari 23.46 CT emerald and diamond pendant brooch, a Van Cleef & Arpels ruby and diamond ring, a stunning Cartier pearl necklace, and an equally beautiful diamond necklace by La Peregrina. 

Most of us can only dream of owning branded jewelry of that quality, but a piece of vintage branded jewelry with some history can often catch a private buyer’s eye. If you want to make a quick sale on a more conventional item of vintage personal jewelry (branded or non-branded), you can get a free independent appraisal by an expert gemologist – with no obligation to sell.

Should I sell my branded jewelry to a pawn store?

Absolutely not! Selling branded jewelry to a pawn store is the worst mistake you can make. Pawn stores definitely buy jewelry (and offer loans with personal jewelry as collateral). They are generally geared towards the lower end of the market – basically Pandora and the cheaper Zales style items, and 9kt gold rings, chains and bracelets etc. Pawn stores don’t like to store high value designer jewelry on their premises. If they’re lucky enough to buy a Cartier necklace or David Yuman ring legally, they’ll aim to resell it online that day. 

If you take Cartier, Tiffany or Bulgari  jewelry to a pawnbroker, you’ll receive an insultingly low initial offer. Even if you suddenly find yourself in a financial crisis and urgently need money, selling branded jewelry to a pawnbroker is never the way ahead. It’s also probably a bad idea to take a cash loan on branded jewelry. You’ll get a fraction of its actual value and the pawnbroker will be praying that you can’t repay the loan. You’ll have entrusted a valuable item to a complete stranger in return for a token amount of cash. Even with a reputable pawn store – that’s a big risk. 

Why you should never sell designer jewelry to a pawn store

  1. You will get a low price. Pawnbrokers are tough negotiators who aim to pay the absolute minimum.
  1. Pawnbrokers aren’t trained jewelers or gemologists. Most of them have some basic knowledge, but they can’t offer a professional appraisal of your item.
  1. It’s a bad idea to hawk a designer Cartier or Tiffany diamond ring around the local pawn stores. You could be setting yourself up for a robbery. 
  1. If you do sell your branded jewelry to a pawn store, you’ve just ripped yourself off. The pawnbroker will immediately contact a professional online jewelry buyer and make a same day profit on your jewelry. You could have sold it online and banked that cash

Should I sell my branded jewelry to a jewelry store?

It’s definitely better to sell branded jewelry to a jewelry store than to a pawn store. You will get a higher price, but you won’t get an optimal price. No jeweler wants to give you more than 60% of the original retail price that you paid for your David Yuman or Harry Winston diamond ring. Most will try to buy it for less than 60% retail. It’s simple economics, once you’ve deducted any state sales taxes, the jeweler’s original profit, the cost of a professional clean and polish (this is a standard practice with used personal jewelry) and a host of other business expenses and costs, your ring is worth a lot less than you originally paid. 

When you go to a mall jewelry store, or a downtown jewelers to buy designer diamond jewelry, you are a VIP client. When you walk in to try and sell a Graff or Bulgari diamond ring, or your beloved diamond tennis bracelet, you are definitely not a VIP. Unless you make it plain that you’re selling to finance an upgrade, you’re on a par with any other uninvited sales rep. If you want the Jeweler’s attention – and his cash – you’d better make it good, and you’d better make it fast. Trying to sell branded jewelry to a retail jeweler can be a disappointing experience. Even if you get a reasonable cash payment, you’re unlikely to feel good about the whole process. 

Should I sell my branded jewelry online at Gemesti? 

There are several key reasons why you should sell branded jewelry online at Gemesti. It’s the overall best option, regardless of which State you live in – and it’s not just a question of getting the highest price for your used designer jewelry!

  1. Convenience and speed
  2. Fairness and transparency
  3. Personal security and discretion
  4. Personal service and respect
  5. Fair market price with a cash payment

Sell your branded jewelry online 

One reason why Gemesti’s national online service is so popular is that it’s designed for speed and convenience. It meets your needs and allows you to fit the sale in around a busy daily schedule. You can get started anytime – all you need is a smartphone with an internet connection. Take a minute to complete the simple online form and give a basic description of the branded jewelry that you want to sell. A client services manager will get straight back to you with an initial offer. If you like the starting price, you can schedule a free FedEx shipment with no obligation. Your designer jewelry will be sent overnight (with free insurance) for independent evaluation at the EGL Laboratory in Los Angeles. An EGL gemologist will film the professional appraisal (this is a security precaution to protect your property) and will determine the actual market value of your jewelry. 

Your Gemesti client services manager will get an email report on the value of your jewelry that morning and will call you with a firm offer. If you like the price, it’s just a question of going to your inbox and completing the final sales agreement. Your money will be wired to your bank immediately afterwards, if you decide not to sell, your branded jewelry will be returned with free shipping. 

Can I sell my branded jewelry for cash today?

If you sell your branded jewelry online at Gemesti, you can usually get paid cash within 48 hours of completing the online form. If you tell your client services manager that you need money urgently, he’ll try and speed things up. If you sell your branded jewelry to a local store or a pawn store, you’ll probably get cash today. Gemesti clients prefer to wait an extra day and get a top quality personal service and a national market price. It pays to deal with the pros!

When you sell your diamond ring (or other designer jewelry) online at Gemesti, you’re treated as a valued client from the first point of contact; that means respect, courtesy and consideration. You are in control at every stage of the process and can check the whereabouts of your ring via the FedEx tracking service. Your client services manager is always on hand via phone or email if you have questions. If you change your mind about selling, your jewelry will be returned free of charge. There’s never any hard sell or pressure – it’s your private property. 

A big advantage of Gemesti is that if you live in the country or a small town, FedEx will come to you. You have immediate access to a national buyer that pays national prices for used designer jewelry. Wherever you are located, selling online improves your personal safety. You don’t have to take expensive jewelry around the stores and risk compromising your security. Gemesti guarantees full discretion and nobody will know that you sold your jewelry, or that you suddenly have a cash payment in the bank. 

Get started and sell online right now

If you’re ready to sell your branded jewelry now, you can get started right away and without any obligation. 

  1. Complete the online form
  2. Be ready to receive a call back with an initial offer
  3. Set aside a few minutes to schedule a free FedEx shipment using a printable label from an email or a scannable QR code. It’s fast and simple, and your client services manager will talk you through the process. 

While you’re waiting for your callback with a cash offer, check out Gemesti’s amazing feedback on Facebook or their 5 Star rating at the Better Business Bureau!

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