About Gemesti

We’re here for you!

Who we are

Family Run Business

Gemesti is part of a family run business that was founded back in 2003. We’re third generation diamond dealers and jewelers who have unrivalled experience, contacts and knowledge of the international marketplace. 


The traditional diamond industry was built on trust, and personal reputations for honesty and fair dealing. We continue that old-fashioned way of doing things. When you sell to Gemesti, your precious items are in safe hands.

Market Price Offers

We have built our modern online business on the basic principles of paying the best possible price and providing the best possible service. It worked a hundred years ago – and it works even better in today’s online world!


Independent Valuation

Best Prices

When you sell your jewelry online, you expect to get the best possible price. Unlike pawnbrokers and local jewelers, we don’t make unreliable ‘on the spot valuations’ by eye. We use outside experts to judge the real market price of each item.

EGL USA Laboratory

Gemesti uses the respected EGL USA lab to make independent valuations. The professional gemologists have the latest appraisal technology. They can quickly determine the exact grading and value of any diamond or piece of fine jewelry – and the real price.

Peace of Mind

It can sometimes be a difficult decision to sell a diamond ring, or to part with a bracelet or necklace. It’s a lot easier when you know that you’re dealing with professionals, and that you’ll get a fair price based on the item’s actual resale value.

Risk Free Service

Your Security

When you ship your diamond ring or other fine jewelry to Gemesti by secure FedEx delivery, we take out Lloyds insurance up to $100,000. We also film the receipt and opening of your package. All our staff have passed stringent background checks.

No Obligation

If you choose not to sell your jewelry, for any reason, we’ll immediately return it to you. Just contact your client services manager or customer service. Gemesti will send your item back by free secure shipping, with no questions, quibbles, or service charges.


When you sell your diamond ring to Gemesti, you’re our client. We look after our customers and we guarantee to protect your privacy. We respect client confidentiality and never share your personal details or sell your information to any third party.