Sell your Branded Jewelry the Smart Way

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Branded jewelry can be a prized personal possession. A diamond engagement ring or a
diamond studded tennis bracelet isn’t just a beautiful status symbol, it can also have deep
sentimental value. Personal jewelry is often an intimate gift that marks a special moment in life
or a celebration of good times.

Many people, particularly women, reach a point in their lives when they decide to sell their
designer jewelry. There are many reasons why people decide to part with their diamond rings
and earrings, but once the decision is made, you need to know how to sell your branded jewelry
the smart way!

“You need to know how to sell your branded jewelry
the smart way!”

Sell your diamond ring easily now

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We’ll take a closer look at the most convenient way to sell your jewelry – and how to get the
highest possible price, with the least possible risk. There are four main questions that people
usually ask:

  1. How do I sell branded jewelry online?
  2. What kind of branded jewelry can I sell?
  3. How do I get a fair price for my diamond rings?
  4. Where can I sell my jewelry near me?

How do I sell branded jewelry online?

It’s never been easier or safer to sell expensive branded jewelry online. Companies like Gemesti work together with shipping firms like FedEx and UPS, as well as independent gemologist laboratories to provide a fast and secure service to sellers. Probably the single biggest advantage is that they can offer you a fair market price for your precious items.

If you decide to use Gemesti’s service, you should be able to complete the sale and get your money within just 48 hours.

  • Start by completing a simple online form that allows you to give an accurate description of your jewelry – whether you’re selling a diamond ring, earrings, necklace or pendant, a tennis bracelet, or other item of branded jewelry.
  • Get a call back from a Gemesti rep with an initial offer. If you like the offer, the rep will arrange free shipping to an independent lab for appraisal. A gemologist will evaluate your jewelry and determine a fair market price.
  • You’ll get another call from the rep with a formal offer. This will be the best possible price for your branded jewelry.
  • If you accept the offer, your payment will be processed within hours. If you don’t, your jewelry will be returned.

Advantages of Selling Jewelry Online

The main advantages of selling your personal jewelry online are:

  1. Speed and convenience
  2. Personal security
  3. You get the best possible price

What kind of branded jewelry can I sell?

The short answer is any kind of designer jewelry or branded jewelry! The price that you get will depend entirely on the resale value of each item. This may depend on the age and style of each ring or bracelet, and the carat weight, cut and quality of any diamonds. There is generally a high demand for well-known brands like Tiffany, Graff and Harry Winston, but any branded jewelry will usually find a buyer.

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the self-assessment form at Gemesti and get an initial offer for your diamond ring or other fine jewelry. This is a rule of thumb price, based on the information that you provide, and the current market for pre-owned designer jewelry. If you decide to proceed, you’ll get a final offer following a professional gemologist’s appraisal.

How do I get a fair price for my diamond rings?

The single easiest way to get a fair price for any item of pre-owned jewelry, or a loose diamond, is to deal with experts who care about their professional reputation. If you go to a pawnbroker, they will instantly work out how experienced you are, how confident you are – and how badly you need the money. Their business model is based on paying the lowest possible price. Even an honest local jeweler may lack the expertise and specialist equipment to make a completely accurate appraisal of your diamond ring.

If you sell your jewelry online to a company like Gemesti, you are guaranteed an independent evaluation by an expert gemologist. You won’t get what you originally paid for each item, because it has inevitably depreciated in value, but you will get the best possible price!

Where can I sell my jewelry near me?

Perhaps the single most asked question is “Where can I sell my jewelry near me?”. Nobody wants to drive around the state looking for jewelers or pawnbrokers. If you sell to Gemesti “near me” means your own front door or your workplace. Fill in the online form and receive a call from a Client Services Manager, and then a FedEx courier will come straight to you to collect your jewelry. Or you can call in at your local FedEx office. The shipping is completely free and comes with full insurance.

Checklist before selling your Jewelry

Selling your branded jewelry the smart way means being organised, and having realistic expectations about the final price that you will accept.

  1. Be sure that you’re ready to sell and won’t change your mind at the last minute.
  2. Understand that you won’t get what you originally paid for the jewelry.
  3. If you’re selling online to a company like Gemesti, get everything ready first:

Online selling is generally very fast, very safe and completely stress free. You are regarded as a client who receives a service. Everything is arranged for you and the process is designed to take up the absolute minimum of your valuable time. All you really have to do is fill in two online forms and be available to take two short phone calls from a rep – and hand over a package to FedEx!

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