“It has become very simple to turn unwanted possessions into hard cash.”

More and more women (and quite a few men) are choosing to sell diamond rings and other fine
jewelry. There can be a lot of reasons for a decision to sell, that range from divorce, to getting
through a rough financial patch, to a simple change in personal style and taste.

One of the first questions that people ask is where do I go to sell my diamond ring, and how do I
find a good place near me?

Sell your diamond jewelry easily now

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Selling your jewelry the old fashioned way

Even a few years ago, if you wanted to sell your personal jewelry or diamonds, your choices
were very limited. Unless you had connections in the diamond business, you were going to do a
circuit of local jewelry stores and pawnbrokers and ask for their best offers.

Pawnbrokers usually don’t have the sophisticated equipment and professional expertise that a
trained gemologist has. When someone walks in with a diamond ring for sale, they’ll make a
production of examining the stone with a jewelers loupe, before offering the lowest possible
price for the ring.

High street jewelers are more knowledgeable, but they are small businesses that operate with high overheads. They will also push for a quick sale and offer the lowest price that they think they’ll get away with – particularly if they’re the only store in the area.

Sell your diamond ring and jewelry online

These days, anybody who wants a good price will usually sell their jewelry online. There are
several choices, ranging from Craigslist and ebay to online buying services like Gemesti. If
you’re looking for a good all round service, that combines convenience, speed and personal
security, Gemesti is the way ahead.

Rather than searching around for a way to ‘sell my diamond ring near me’, it’s a lot easier to
have a reliable buyer come to you. Companies like Gemesti will send a FedEx or UPS courier
straight to your home or workplace and collect your diamond ring for appraisal. There’s no need
to drive around town looking for buyers, or embarrass yourself trying to negotiate with

When you deal with a company like Gemesti, you’re receiving a professional service from people who care about their reputation. They want you to give them good reviews, which means they have to pay the best possible price, treat you like a valued client, and get your money to you as quickly as possible. Because Gemesti is an efficient online operation, their overheads are low and these savings get passed on to their sellers.

What’s the best way to sell your diamond jewelry?

We took a look at the pros and cons of selling jewelry and diamonds online. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but companies like Gemesti come out on top every time.




  • Low offers
  • It’s not always a pleasant experience to visit a pawnbroker
  • You will have to drive to the store and find parking
  • Personal security may be a concern


  • You can make an instant sale and get paid cash.

Local Jeweler

  • Low offers

  • You will have to drive to the store and find parking

  • You can make an instant sale, but may have to deposit a check.


  • Personal security will be a major concern.
  • It may be difficult to find a serious buyer.
  • You will have to allocate time for appointments with potential buyers.
  • Possibility of a cash sale
  • Easier to bargain over the price


  • You will be bound by eBay sales restrictions
  • You will have the headache of secure shipping, insurance and returns
  • You may be targeted by fraudsters
  • You probably already have an eBay account.
  • The payment methods are secure.


  • The final offer might be lower than the initial offer, depending how accurate your self-assessment form was.
  • Gemesti might decline to buy your jewelry
  • The sales procedure is simple and easy
  • A client services manager will guide you through the sale
  • There is full customer service
  • You will get the best possible price
  • You will usually be paid within 48 hours of filling out the online form

Cut out the middleman and sell online

Although you could drive over to a pawnbroker and leave the store with a cash payment a few
minutes later, you’ll receive a fraction of the market value for your jewelry or diamond. There’s
every possibility that the pawnbroker will then take your jewelry and sell it on to Gemesti or a
similar online company. It’s much better to sell your jewelry online and wait two or three days for
a higher payment!

Sell my diamond ring near me

With free FedEx overnight delivery, and reps available by phone and email, Gemesti really is the diamond ring buyer ‘near me’. From the moment you upload the short online self assessment form, you’re probably only 48 hours away from receiving final payment straight to your account – or via Western Union or PayPal.

“FREE FedEx overnight delivery.”

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