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David Yurman – DY- is one of America’s best known jewelry brands. They’ve been thrilling jewelry lovers for more than forty years with their original ring and bracelet designs and have also created astonishing pendants, necklaces and earrings. David Yuman combines traditional aesthetics with modern design concepts and is one of the country’s most sought after brands. 

There are a couple of reasons for DY’s spectacular success and ongoing popularity – and why the brand commands a high resale value. The first is the artistic influences that formed David Yurman’s outlook as a jewelry designer. He was a product of the early beatnik scene and spent years learning modernist sculpture and fine welding before moving into jewelry.

The other secret of DY’s success is the clever use of precious metals, including silver.

This background is reflected in some of the enduring cable designs on DY diamond rings and bracelets and the exquisite use of pave diamonds. The other secret of DY’s success is the clever use of precious metals, including silver. Even the most expensive diamond rings have an almost artisan look that continues to charm customers.

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How do I Sell my David Yurman Ring Online?

The Gemesti service is built on simplicity and speed. If you work with them, it’s possible to get a solid offer and close the sale within just 48 hours of completing a short online form. So what exactly is the Gemesti service?

  1. Go to and take a couple of minutes to complete a self-assessment form. If you want, you can also upload digital photos, certificates and receipts for your diamond ring.
  2. Expect a call back from a Gemesti rep. You’ll get an initial offer for your David Yurman jewelry based on the information you provided in the form.
  3. If you’re happy with the provisional offer, your rep will send you a printable FedEx label or a scannable code. This entitles you to free FedEx shipping with insurance up to $100,000. Despatch the ring and it’ll be sent to an independent jewelry laboratory for appraisal by a professional gemologist.
  4. The gemologist will check your jewelry and evaluate any precious metals in the setting and the exact quality of the diamonds or gemstones. Once we know the actual resale value of your ring, we can get back to you with an offer.
  5. Your Gemesti rep will call you back with a final offer. This could be slightly higher or lower than the initial offer. It all depends on what the independent gemologist said. If you want to complete the sale you just need to upload the declaration of legal ownership and a signed sales agreement. Your money will be wired to your account the same day.

Gemesti is popular because they work with FedEx to connect sellers across the US to the heart of the jewelry resale business. When you sell your branded jewelry online at Gemesti, you are guaranteed a fast service, professional respect as a client, a fair price and fast payment. It pays to deal with people who understand and genuinely love top jewelry brands like DY!

How do I Sell my David Yurman Ring Online?

If you decide to sell your David Yurman ring you are almost guaranteed a quick sale. There are niche collectors looking for 1980s Renaissance Collection pieces and mainstream buyers looking for more modern items. The problem is to get a high enough price to justify parting with a beautiful piece of personal jewelry. The average buyer will be happy to snap up a DY ring, but will be looking for a bargain.

Unless you know a jeweller or collector who you can trust, you’ll be hard pressed to get the actual resale value for your DY ring – that also applies to David Yurman’s mens rings and watches. You’re literally wearing a valuable asset on your finger, but turning it into (enough) dollar bills is a problem.

It used to be the case that the smaller the town, the bigger the problem. If you only have a choice of two or three jewelers, you’re stuck with the prices that they’re prepared to pay. Fortunately it’s now possible to sell your David Yurman jewelry online and get a fair price with a minimum of hassle. 

The Advantage of Selling David Yurman Jewelry Online​

If you choose to sell your jewelry online, the fastest, safest and most profitable option is to work with a professional jewelry buying service like Gemesti. They are run by professional jewelers with a lifetime of practical experience and a genuine love of branded jewelry like David Yurman, Harry Winston, Graff  and Tiffany. Gemesti is one of the few online services that is able to quickly assess the true value of a piece of designer jewelry and make a fair offer.

The Gemesti concept is built around the idea of offering a comprehensive service to sellers. They understand the issues that can come with a decision to sell personal jewelry and are sensitive to clients’ needs. If you’re newly divorced or going through a rough patch financially, you’ll appreciate Gemesti’s ‘zero pressure’ approach and complete discretion. 

You’ll also be happy to get a final offer that’s based on the actual resale price of your diamond ring (or necklace, pendant, brooch or earrings). If you decide to sell, your money will be wired to your account the same day. If you don’t sell, your ring will be returned to you free of charge.

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