Does Pandora Sell Engagement Rings? (Do They Sell Diamond Rings)

Do Pandora Sell Diamond Rings

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Pandora Jewelry is one of the world’s best-known jewelers, and one of the biggest sellers of low-cost engagement rings. Since the company was founded in 1982, it’s international sales have rocketed. Pandora is now one of the ‘Big 3’ in the global diamond industry; second only to Cartier and Tiffany & Co. 

Pandora revolutionized the jewelry trade over the last four decades. They succeeded in bringing well-designed jewelry to the high street and creating an iconic global brand. We’ll take a look at how Pandora captured the romantic imagination of millions of couples around the world, and why their engagement rings are such massive sellers. 

Pandora wasn’t always an international jewelry retailer. The company started out as a small family-run jewelry store in Copenhagen. The owner was a Danish goldsmith called Per Enevoldsen who imported jewelry from Thailand. Low manufacturing costs in Thailand, and skilled local jewelers, allowed him to produce attractive jewelry at prices that the average customer could afford. 

The business grew rapidly and is now traded on the Nasdaq and the Danish stock exchange. Pandora survived the COVID-19 crisis and emerged in a strong position. The company reported an astonishing 63% jump in sales during the pandemic. They believe this was due to increased online shopping during the lockdowns – partly fuelled by government stimulus payments. The massive sales increase is expected to level off in the winter of 2021.

Pandora has over 7,000 outlets worldwide and is now expanding into new markets across China. A big reason for Pandora’s success is that the company never lost its core values as a family business. They kept their commitment to hand-finished quality across all their branded jewelry ranges. They also never lost sight of the special magic that customers expect to find when they shop for personal jewelry. 

Does Pandora Sell Engagement Rings in the US?

Pandora is one of the most popular retail jewelers in the US and they sell engagement rings across the country. Pandora opened its first US store in 2003 and now has outlets in some of the US’s most prestigious locations. There are more than 2,500 Pandora stores (or Pandora authorized stores) currently open in America. The company has some kind of outlet in almost every state, usually with at least one store in each major city. You’ll also find Pandora in Puerto Rico. 

US consumers aren’t always enthusiastic about foreign-owned brands, but Pandora Jewelry was a big hit in the US from Day One. The combination of good prices and old-world jewelry quality quickly earned Pandora a major share of the $45 billion American jewelry market. Although rings are still Pandora’s flagship products, their signature charms and bracelets were also immediate best sellers in the US.

Does Pandora Sell Engagement Rings Online?

Online sales are a huge part of Pandora’s business. Their physical stores are located in malls and shopping districts across the country, but there are still millions of customers who don’t have convenient access to big cities. Pandora is a brand with a high level of consumer trust and online shoppers are happy to buy from the company’s online store

Pandora started as a small family jewelry store and the owners were always driven by relentless innovation and experimentation. They were bold and creative enough to set up ateliers in Thailand at a time when this was still a revolutionary concept. Pandora was also quick to see the potential of the internet and embraced the opportunity to sell engagement rings online. They currently have one of the world’s best jewelry retail websites and offer an outstanding range of jewelry. 

Does Pandora Sell Engagement Rings on Credit?

It’s possible to buy most items of Pandora jewelry with Afterpay or Klarna and pay in installments. You can also apply for a Pandora credit card and get financing over a 6 month or 12 month period. There are minimum purchase requirements if you use a Pandora credit card (currently $225 or $500 according to your repayment time frame). 

If you want to get engaged or married, you won’t have to save up for months in advance just to buy a beautiful engagement ring. Pandora will help you to pop the question as soon as you’re ready. There are also other discounts and deals available if you take the time to check their website regularly or sign up for their newsletter. 

Does Pandora Really Sell Diamond Rings?

Pandora certainly does sell diamond rings, but they account for a tiny fraction of their jewelry products. Most engagement rings that you’ll find at Pandora feature a zirconium center stone. The rings are stylish and are beautifully designed and crafted, but they’re rarely set with real diamonds. This is reflected in their affordable price range. Pandora also uses synthetic gemstones across its other jewelry ranges.

Interestingly, Pandora is one of the first major jewelry retailers to publicly commit to using laboratory diamonds. They’ll be launching their new products in the UK next year, before releasing them in the US. There are rumors that we’re about to see a massive expansion in their diamond jewelry range – and that includes diamond engagement rings.

Should I Buy a Pandora Engagement Ring?

If you’re looking for an attractive, beautifully crafted, budget engagement ring, Pandora is a great choice. Not everybody can afford to pay even the starting prices for a genuine 1-carat diamond engagement ring ($1,000 plus). Plenty of people who can afford to buy real diamonds, prefer not to. Pandora caters to millions of these people every year and has an astonishingly loyal customer base. 

One of the main selling points for Pandora engagement rings is that although they look elegant – and even delicate – they are well designed and robust. They shouldn’t tarnish, the ‘diamond’ center stones are securely fitted and are very unlikely to work loose. Pandora uses the lost wax technique for molding most of their ring designs. This means that each ring is subtly different from the others and you are at least buying a unique item of jewelry.

There are 5 main advantages to buying a Pandora Jewelry engagement ring:

  1. You can definitely find an attractive and stylish ring to suit your budget.
  1. Pandora engagement rings are robust, elegantly designed and robustly crafted.
  1. You can buy on credit with a Pandora Card or pay in installments with Afterpay or Klarna.
  1. Pandora offers 30 day returns and a 1 year warranty on all items of jewelry.
  1. There are over 2,500 stores and an online store in the US  – shopping is easy.

What are the Disadvantages of a Pandora Engagement Ring?

The main disadvantage of a Pandora engagement ring is that it has minimal resale value. An 18 kt gold engagement ring with a one-carat brilliant cut diamond can easily sell for 70% of its original value on the second-hand market. A Pandora engagement ring, with a gold-plated setting and a zirconium center stone, has limited value – probably less than 20%. 

If you break off your engagement, or you later get divorced, you’ll get peanuts for your ring. There simply isn’t much demand for a second hand Pandora ring when people can buy brand new ones, with returns and a warranty, for a couple of hundred dollars or less. It’s worth remembering that for a lot of couples, shopping for a ring is a romantic event in itself. 

The other potential disadvantage of a Pandora engagement ring is that some people insist on a ‘traditional’ ring with real diamonds and solid gold or platinum setting. It’s a fact of life that some individuals – and cultures – attach a lot of importance to high-value and high-status jewelry. Even today, there’s a convention in the US that a man should spend at least two month’s salary on a ring for his fiance. 

The need for expensive jewelry is partly a question of image, and partly a leftover from a time when jewelry was a common form of personal property. Marriage contracts were based on the transfer of wealth between families. Gifts of jewelry were one form that this took. If you require an expensive diamond engagement ring, or your family expects to see one, Pandora Jewelry is definitely not for you. 

The Bottom Line with Pandora Engagement Rings

If you want a low-cost engagement ring that looks good on your finger, and can be worn with any outfit, Pandora is an excellent place to start looking. The zirconium diamond center stones won’t fool a gemologist for a second, but the quality is high enough that you can wear them with confidence in any social situation. 

When the new Pandora lab diamond ranges come out over the next two years, we’re likely to see some really exciting designs and a big jump in quality. That will mean affordable diamond engagement rings with a genuinely fiery sparkle.

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