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If you’re looking for the best website to sell engagement rings, we recommend Gemesti. It’s already one of America’s leading online jewelry buying services and is rapidly growing in popularity. We’ll review the Gemesti service in detail, and look at some other websites where you can also sell engagement rings. We’ll list all the pros and cons of each site, and offer some top tips on how to get a high price and sell your engagement ring online quickly and safely. 

Why sell your engagement ring online?

If you’ve already decided to sell your engagement ring online and understand the advantages, you can skip this section. Scroll down for a list of the most common sites and some useful shortcuts to a fast and profitable sale.

Thousands of Americans will sell their engagement rings online this year. There are three main reasons why people sell online, rather than trying to sell an engagement ring to a local jeweler or pawnbroker:

  1. Buying and selling online is already a personal preference and a habit.
  1. It is much more convenient to sell your engagement ring online.
  1. There are no uncomfortable face to face encounters or bargaining with buyers.

The advantages of selling your engagement ring, or any other personal jewelry online are clear. You will not have to drive around town, cold calling on jewelers and pawnbrokers and offering your ring for sale. This can easily eat up half a day of your time. It can also be embarrassing, and even dispiriting, to receive a succession of low offers.

If you’re thick-skinned and don’t care too much about the price, selling your engagement ring is just another chore to complete. If you’re newly divorced or trying to get through a financial crisis, selling your engagement ring can be emotionally draining. We really don’t recommend trying to sell a diamond engagement or wedding ring to local pawn stores or jewelers if you are already in a difficult situation. It’s never a pleasant experience. When you sell online, you’ll be dealing with an experienced client services manager who understands the issues. Expect to be treated respectfully and sympathetically.  

Protect your personal security

It’s not a great idea to do a tour of the neighborhood pawn stores with a diamond ring in your pocket. The bottom line is that pawn stores are a magnet for thieves, junkies and other petty criminals. Legitimate pawn store owners don’t want to do business with them, but they can’t control who comes and goes, or who hangs around on the corner. If you’re selling a diamond engagement ring, or you just received a wad of cash for a ring, you’re a potential target for a mugging. In the worst-case scenario, you could be setting yourself up for a home invasion. 

When you sell an engagement ring online, you’re guaranteed the highest level of personal security. You can easily manage the sale from home or from your workplace by telephone and email. The only person you will come into physical contact with is a fully vetted FedEx employee. You will speak to a client services manager on the phone, but no one else will know any of your business. There’s certainly no need to walk around with expensive jewelry or a bankroll in your pocket. 

The advantages of selling your engagement ring online

To summarize, there are 3 basic advantages when you sell engagement rings online:

  1. Convenience
  2. Personal security
  3. Discretion and privacy

If you can identify the best website to sell engagement rings, you’re guaranteed a fast and convenient sale that protects your privacy. You won’t need to hawk your diamond ring around a succession of stores, and your money will be wired straight to your bank account. Most professional buying services treat sellers as their clients and show them a high level of respect. There is no hard sell or pressure to accept an offer. 

There is also another major advantage to selling a diamond engagement ring online: You are almost certainly guaranteed a higher price for your jewelry. Online buyers can typically afford to pay higher prices than jewelers and pawn stores – and it suits their business model to do so!

Why do online buyers pay more for used engagement rings? 

It might seem counterintuitive that any business would pay more than its competitors for second-hand items that aren’t in short supply. In fact, it’s a very clever business strategy. Online buyers work according to the scales of the economy. What this actually means is that the more successful transactions a  business completes, the lower its overall operating costs. A website-based business can attract sellers from across the United States 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Not only does an online jewelry buying service cast a very wide net, it has fewer operating costs. There are no stores to lease and maintain, fewer employees, lower utilities, and much lower security costs. The tax structure is also simplified. 

Not only can an online buyer afford to pay top dollar for diamond engagement rings, it’s a hundred percent ready to do so. The second-hand jewelry and diamond business is competitive. Most people will only sell their jewelry once, possibly twice in their lifetime, but they will refer others to a company and leave online reviews. One satisfied customer could easily generate 10 more satisfied customers. If a company pays high prices for used engagement rings, they’re not just gaining a one-time client today, they’re automatically investing in future deals. 

When you sell your diamond engagement ring to a professional online jewelry buying service, you’ll get paid more. You also won’t incur any expenses when you sell. Contrast that to someone who takes time off work, puts gas in the car to drive around town, and maybe stops off for a coffee or a burger along the way… When you’re selling a diamond ring, the goal is to make money, not to spend it!

How to sell your engagement ring online

If you’re ready to sell your engagement ring online, you need to decide whether to sell it independently e.g. on Craigslist, eBay or Etsy, or whether to go directly to a single professional buyer. There are definitely second-hand items that are ideal for selling on Craigslist and eBay, but these sites are problematic for used personal jewelry. 

The whole point of selling online – at least for most people – is that it’s fast, convenient, secure and can deliver a higher price. 


Ring requires professional cleaning and polishing.
Requires professional photography
You must screen time wasters and fraudsters
You will need to make complex security arrangements for any transaction

Ring requires professional cleaning and polishing
Requires professional photography
Write a top quality listing
You must screen time wasters and fraudsters
You must arrange secure shipping and create a foolproof returns policy
Ring requires professional  cleaning and polishing
Requires professional photography
Write a top quality listing
If you don’t have a store, you will need to open one.
You must arrange secure shipping and create a foolproof returns policy
Speed of SaleMay take weeks or months to get a serious offer

May take weeks or months to get a serious offer

Possibly faster than Craigslist and eBay, but can still be slow
Personal SecurityThere are serious security threats that you must be aware of

Reasonably secure if you take the necessary precautions
Reasonably secure if you take the necessary precautions
Risk of FraudHigh risk of fraud

Some risk of fraud if you don’t follow basic precautions
Some risk of fraud if you don’t follow basic precautions
Overall Rating 


Craigslist gets just a 1 Star Rating. The site can’t guarantee a quick sale, requires pre-sale administration and preparation, and requires you to deal with potentially dangerous strangers. Craigslist is definitely not the best website to sell engagement rings.
eBay only gets a 2 Star Rating for selling engagement rings. It’s safer than Craigslist, but requires a lot of effort to showcase your ring. There is also too much competition from rival sellers.
Etsy is a better site for selling engagement rings online. However, unless you already have an Etsy store, it’s not worth your while. Expect a lot of effort and hassle to prepare the ring and create a listing.

Should I sell an engagement ring on Craigslist?

Craigslist is a simple and convenient site to use. It’s free for small private listings and will give you massive exposure across your city, state and the entire US. The problem if you’re planning to sell an engagement ring on Craigslist is that the site offers no transaction facilities. Unlike eBay or Etsy, you have to coordinate with the buyer and arrange the sale independently. This is already a massive red flag for anybody who’s even slightly security conscious. 

Diamond rings and jewelry are high-priority targets for thieves. If you try to sell an engagement ring on Craigslist you may be contacted by criminals. These will range from sophisticated fraudsters to street thugs and muggers. Their criminal repertoire will vary, but their goal will be to either get your home address or set up a sale in a place where they can relieve you of your ring. 

If you’re determined to sell an engagement ring on Craigslist (and we suggest you don’t) you need to be aware of the following threats:

  • A buyer who targets you with the intention of physically harming or stalking you
  • Somebody who tries to get your home address for a burglary or home invasion. This might be a professional burglar/jewelry thief or a violent street gang. 
  • A con artist who will study the pictures of your ring and create an identical fake. He (or she) will palm your ring and hand you back the fake. A good distraction artist will leave you either charmed or confused, but will disappear with your diamond ring. 
  • A con artist who will buy your ring and pay you with either forged dollars or a Chicago roll. Watch out for fraudsters who combine distraction with fake money. You might initially see, and even count real money, but will leave the meeting with counterfeits. 
  • An old fashioned mugger who’ll strongarm your ring, your pocket book, watch, any other jewelry, and even your car keys. Expect violence if you resist. 
  • A snatcher who will ask to see the ring and simply sprint away with it. 
  • A pickpocket team. One of them will pay cash for your engagement ring. When you leave the meeting you’ll be pickpocketed and will lose the cash – and possibly your wallet. The team may have a thug lurking nearby too. 

If you decide to sell your engagement ring (or any small high-value item) on Craigslist, you’ll need to take serious security precautions and vet potential buyers as best you can. Given that you’ll have to field all kinds of annoying messages and low offers before you even get a serious buyer, Craigslist is a bad idea. It’s a great site if you’re looking for an apartment or want to sell your bike, but isn’t recommended for high-value diamond jewelry.

Should I sell an engagement ring on eBay or Etsy?

It’s definitely a lot safer to sell an engagement ring on eBay or Etsy. The main disadvantages are that you’ve got to put quite a lot of effort into achieving a successful sale. You’ll need to pay to get your ring professionally cleaned and polished. Don’t assume that you can get it up to display case standard with some metal polish from the hardware store and 2 minutes of elbow grease. Any used ring will require ultrasound cleaning and a professional jeweler’s polish to remove ting flaws and scratches. 

You’ll then need a small portfolio of professional quality digital photos, including close-ups. Take into account things like lighting, backgrounds and optimal image size. You don’t necessarily need a professional photographer, but you do need a competent photographer with a good quality digital camera. A few basic shots with your cell phone won’t cut it when you’re competing for buyers on eBay. When you sell an engagement ring on eBay or Etsy, you need to make it stand out from the crowd. You will only have two or three seconds of a potential buyer’s attention and need to capture their interest. Your jewelry has to look as attractive as anything in a jewelers display cabinet. 

The final issue when you sell an engagement ring on eBay or Etsy is that you’ll need to devise a sales and returns policy. You need terms and conditions that will protect you, but that won’t put off buyers. You’ll also need to decide who will pay for a secure courier service like FedEx overnight. Some jewelry sellers on eBay prefer to take a long, patient approach to sales and only deal with face-to-face clients. If you do this, you will face the same security issues as Craigslist sellers. All the issues that arise when you sell on eBay are duplicated when you sell on Etsy. If you already have an active Etsy store with an attractive design, excellent ratings, and regular visitors, it may be easier. 

The best website to sell engagement rings

The best website to sell engagement rings online is Gemesti. It offers exactly the right balance between speed and convenience, high service standards, personal security and privacy – and high prices. Gemesti is a nationwide service that welcomes sellers from across the continental United States. Their arrangement with FedEx means that your engagement ring is only a single (free) overnight shipment away from a professional appraisal and evaluation. 

Why Gemesti is the best website to sell engagement rings

Gemesti believes in simplicity, transparency and old-fashioned personal service. Check out why it makes sense to sell your engagement ring online at Gemesti. 

  • Speed – Wherever you live in the US, it’s possible to sell your jewelry online and get paid in just 48 hours from start to finish.
  • Convenience – All you have to do to sell your engagement ring is complete a short online form and liaise with FedEx to arrange free shipping. You’ll then need to upload a simple sales agreement. Everything else is done for you!
  • Security – You can manage the sale from home or from work. The only person, apart from your Gemesti client services manager, who’ll know that you have jewelry is a vetted FedEx courier. If you live in a tough neighborhood, nobody will know that you have either jewelry or money.
  • Privacy – If you live in a small community, are newly divorced,or have family issues, you  can rest assured that nobody will know your business. Gemesti protects your privacy and will not disclose any of your personal information unless legally required to do so.
  • Service Standards – When you sell an engagement ring online to Gemesti, you are not a seller, you are a client. Your client services manager will guide you through the entire sales process and ensure that you have full transparency at all times. He will always be available if you have questions or need help with shipping or payment. 
  • Flexibility – There is absolutely no hard sell or pressure to close a deal. You can back out of the sales process at any time. Simply call your client services manager or send an email. He will check that you want to end the sales process and confirm the return delivery address for your ring. It will be sent straight back to you with free secure shipping. 
  • Versatility – Gemesti doesn’t just pay top dollar for diamond engagement rings and wedding rings. They buy all kinds of diamond jewelry including, diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets, pendants, charms, necklaces, earrings and men’s diamond jewelry. If you have any valuable personal jewelry, or a batch of jewelry e.g. an unwanted inheritance, take a minute to fill out the self assessment form
  • High Prices – Gemesti consistently pays high prices for engagement rings and other jewelry. You can expect a quote based on national market prices for second hand jewelry, not a local price that a pawn store or mall jeweler will offer. 

How do I sell my engagement ring online?

When you complete the self-assessment form at you could be just 48 hours away from closing a deal and banking your money. The sales process is designed for simplicity and speed.

  1. Complete the self-assessment form. You also have the option to upload any certificates, receipts or digital photos of your ring (take them with your phone).
  1. Get a call back from your client services manager with an initial offer for your ring. If you want to proceed, he’ll explain how you can activate your free FedEx shipment with up to $100,000 insurance.
  1. Schedule with FedEx and they will send your ring via overnight delivery to the EGL US laboratory. 
  1. A professional gemologist will evaluate your engagement ring and send a report to Gemesti. The report will list the actual market value of the ring. 
  1. Your client services manager will contact you with a formal offer. If you accept the offer, you’ll be emailed a sales agreement. As soon as you complete the agreement, your money will be transferred to your account. 
  1. If you don’t want to sell your engagement ring (or if Gemesti declines to buy it) your ring will be returned to you free of charge via a secure courier. 

Compared to Craigslist, Etsy, eBay and other second-hand sites, Gemesti is definitely the best website to sell engagement rings in the United States. Check them out on the Better Business Bureau site or complete the online form and talk to a client services manager today. You are guaranteed a friendly welcome, straight answers about what your jewelry is worth, and no hard sell. 

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